Lee Meifeng does not remember much of her life before the rails took everything…. before Harmony. She knows that her family came from the Chinese province Shaanxi. She has a vague memory that once her family had enjoyed a comfortable life in Shan Fan. She remembers peeking through the rails of the banisters as her parents left the house dressed up for gatherings. She remembers that once she had a nanny and there was a cook who used to makes special treats. But it all ended.

Even now she does not understand what caused the change in her families’ fortunes.Why her father had to work on rail roads. Why those railroads claimed first her father’s life and then each of her 5 older brothers. Why life was reduced to day to day surviving the rail road camps. The previous life of comfort was forgotten in the reality of the camps. Helping her mother as much as she could at seven years old.
Meifeng remembers the first day when what was left of her family arrived at Harmony from the Dixie rails rail road camp. Her mother holding her hand telling her that this is a new start that soon they would have enough to go back home as she looked at her wondering what home was.

Lily soon found that life in Harmony was easier then life in the camps. Not only did they have shelter and a community that protected each other, she was also able to contribute because of her knowledge of English. Not long after their arrival, her grandfather started to take an interest in her. Despairing of training a male descendent and fearing the family arts were going to be lost he decided to train his grand daughter.

Lily Meifeng has found a place here in Harmony. Her days are kept busy with her various chores and much of her “free time” is taken up with drills and exercises.


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