Harmony, New Mexico

Total Population: 431
White Population: 278
Chinese Population: 26
Mexican Population: 109
Black Population: 12
Native American: 6

Number of Buildings: 104
Number of available empty Lots: 27
Number of Ranches/Farms in the areas: 29

Surrounding Area:

Harmony is located in the southwest corner of New Mexico, roughly 250 miles from the Mexican border and roughly 70 miles from the Arizona Border. The Big Burro Mountain Range dominates the west of the town. Known for it’s large deposits of Ghost Rock, the Big Burro Mountains also has large deposits of Gold, silver and iron.

Harmony is in a unique position to grow as a town as it is situated between two major railways. To the North, roughly 10 miles is the Dixie Rails and to the South, roughly 30 miles is the Bayou Vermilion. The Dixie Rail only has a small station close to Harmony, roughly 15 miles away, due to Dixie Rails extension that runs up to Albuquerque. The Rail station near Harmony is primarily used to collect shipments of Ghost Rock being sent around the South. Bayou Vermilion on the other hand, only has a small water stop close to Harmony, roughly 30 miles away. Bayou Vermilion has discussed placing an actual station in the area, as more and more companies in the surrounding towns want to ship Ghost Rock east into Texas. As is stands now, Dixie Rails is getting most of the business from small mining companies.

To the North and North East of Harmony is a number of Ranches and Farms. With the Rails easily accessible, the Ranchers of Harmony are able to make a good penny without having to drive their cattle too far. This area also boasts quite a few farms as well. This has keep Harmony well fed through out the years. The largest ranch in the Area belongs to Clayton Cooper of the Double C Double bar Ranch.

On the Eastern end of town is a large tent “town.” This area consists of well over 100 tents of various sizes. While land prices are reasonable compared to other areas of New Mexico, not everyone can afford the to build a house, and so the tent “town” was created to accommodate the growing population. Of course, most of the people living in the tent “town” are people passing through the area.
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Harmony, New Mexico

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