Chang Ming

Owner of the New Orient Hotel


Chang Ming came to America in 1870 with his family. He spent his first 5 years in Shan Fan, where his parents died when a war started between rival gangs. Chang left Shan Fran with his two daughters, Bao Yu Ming and Lin Ming, and his wife, Qing Ming and settled in Harmony in 1878. Once in Harmony, Chang attempted to open a hotel in the white portion of town, but the racism among the town founders prevented that. With no other option, Chang joined the Chinese community and after a few years convinced the community to help him build the New Orient Hotel. Founders such as Gilbert Murphy and Charles Taylor tried to stop the construction, but James Becker and the Mayor Stanley Walker allowed the hotel to be built.

Now Chang Ming is the proud owner and operator of the first non-white hotel in Harmony. The Chinese community help run the hotel with Ming’s family and the entire community shares in the profits. With the Hotel, Bathhouse and Laundry, the Chinese community has done well for itself and it’s not as poor as it once was.

Chang Ming

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