Back at the Cooper Ranch, Bryce Colton decided to stay and watch over the herd. Still worried that the animal that chewed up his cattle might return, Bryce chose five of the Mexican Cowboys to stay and keep watch. Bryce gathered Javier and Carlos over and explained to them that they cowpokes need to play it safe in town. He told them not to cause trouble like they have in the past and explained that there are a lot of racist people in town that would love to hurt a Mexican immigrant. He told them to watch over the others, have fun and keep their noses clean. Javier and Carlos agreed with Bryce and said they understood. Rosa and the majority of the Cowpokes rode off into town, while Bryce took care of the ranch.

At the Double Down Saloon, Uriel calls down to Francis and asked him to come up. Once in the office, Uriel handed Francis a letter and asked him to deliver it to Judge Timmons. Worried about Navi, Uriel wanted to get the Judge’s advice on Mr. Taylor’s bribery.

Across town Jed arrived at Judge Timmons house. He was greeted at the door by Mrs. Redcliff. She took Jed into the den where Judge Timmons was sitting reading a book.

“Jed my Boy!” The Judge exclaimed as he stood to greet Jed.

“I’m sorry Judge, I don’t have much time. Just wanted to stop by and have you look at this contract, then I have business to attend to.” Jed said as he shook the Judge’s hand.

“Of course, a man’s gotta take care of business.” The Judge paused for a second thinking. “So one cup of coffee then.” He waved to Mrs. Redcliff, who headed to the kitchen to pour the coffee.

“Alright, one cup of coffee and if you could look over this contract.”

Judge barely looked at the contract before certifying it. There was a knock at the door and Francis arrives to invite the judge over to meet with Uriel Greaves at the Double Down.

The Judge thanked Francis and accepted the letter. Francis, having performed his duty headed back to the Double Down. The Judge sat down and opened the letter and began to quietly read. After a short time he looked up at Jed.

“Looks like Mr. Greaves wants to invite me over for a nice bottle of whiskey. Looks like I got plans tonight too.” The Judge said with a smile.

“Good. Good.” Jed answered, sipping on his coffee.

“You think this has anything to do with the Navi case?” The Judge asked.

“I reckon it does”

“Do you want to be present for this? I know he’s not technically your client, she is, but it might be worth hearing.”

“Well, he’s going to want to talk to you about dropping the charges.” Jed explained.

“Ain’t no charges been filled yet.”

“I know, there ain’t no charges filled yet. That brings me to my second course of business here. I wanted to give you a heads up that I plan to file a motion to dismiss the charges solely based on the fact that it was self-defense.” Jed said, looking at the judge closely, watching for his response.

“Really? Jed. Really?” The Judge said surprised.

“Judge, I don’t want this case to go to trial in this town. And if it does then we plan on waving our right to a trial by jury.”

“Really? Self-defense? From a woman? A Whore? Interesting.” The Judge continued to drink his coffee watching Jed closely.

“Yes self-defense even by a woman.”

“Well that’s your right. When it is put before me I’ll give it a fair judgment. When I see the facts.”

Jed sighed and sat at the edge of his chair. He leaned forward. “Judge, I don’t think this woman can get a fair trial in this town. Especially with a trial jury.”

Timmons thought about it for a second, then suggested. “We can move jurisdiction.”

“We could. I’ll talk to Navi and I’ll talk to Uriel later about it. But I think in the end we will be waving our rights to a jury trial. Assuming the sheriff files charges.”

“Well, that’s your prerogative. If charges are filled we’ll set up a meeting and discuss these motions. We from Texas are more advanced then the Judge here in the rest of the west. I promise I’ll give it its proper attention and make a fair assessment based on the evidence.”

Jed smiled. “Thank you your honor.”

“Alright, well, let’s go see what Mr. Greaves wants. He’s always seemed to be a nice gentleman.” The Judge put his coffee down and stood up.

After gathering his coat and hat, the Judge informed Mrs. Redcliff that he would be at the Double Down for a few hours. Jed and Judge Timmons left and headed over to the Double Down Saloon.

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