Optional Rules Used

Spending a Raise for skills

When a player spends a Raise on skills he/she receives 3 points to spend on skills. A new Skill costs 1 point. A Skill being raise to equal to or less than the derived Stat costs 1 point. Skills being raised greater than the derived stat costs two points.

Replacement Characters

If a character dies during the game, and does not come back harrowed, the new character starts with 40 experience less than the original character. If the original character had less than 40 experience, the new character starts as a beginning character. New Character may not take the Veteran of the Weird West Edge.

Playing Multiple Adventure Cards

The player can play the normal number of Adventure cards without penalty, but by spending a Benny, the player may play an additional Adventure Card. This can be repeated as often as the player has Bennies to spend.

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Optional Rules Used

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