Lily Record 6

May 4rth continued

I can’t move. I’m so frightened… No that’s not the right word. Terrified. What did the Lawyer do? What did he unleash? I know he said that there were worst things then death. I think he just gave me a glimpse of what that might be. .

I can’t seem to sort out what I saw completely in my head. I feel myself start to shiver and shake in terror just trying to think of it. I do remember there was a girl.. naked on the metal disc. She was young. Maybe my age. I can’t remember if she was strapped down or not but I remember her screams and the look of horror upon her face. She was cut and her blood was being siphoned into the runes of the disc. Standing over her were 5 hooded men holding wicked looking knives. There was probably more but that is the most I can remember.

When I came to I found myself as far away from the Lawyer and the disk as the crawl space would allow me to be. I heard the Sheriff outside calling my name and couldn’t bring myself to make so much as a squeak. I remember Old Man Jim reaching through the opening for me and the Lawyer saying something that might of been comforting. I know someone asked if I was alright. I think I said no. But I couldn’t help feeling trapped and cornered. I wanted to get away as fast as I could. But the only way out was through that hole and I didn’t want to get near enough to the Lawyer to get through not to mention any of the others. I realized that I didn’t know them. They could be all sorcerers in disguise. How many men where in the vision…. How many men was I with…five. For all I know I just saw what they did on a Saturday night for fun.

As I got control of myself I made a wide berth around the Lawyer and was able to make it out of the hole. They wanted to make sure I was fine. I assured them of this as I stayed away from them. The nearest one to me was Bryce. He seemed the safest. Big Jim had always been a bit intimidating and Mr. Greaves a little creepy they way he wanted me to be a whore. The Lawyer just glowed and the Sheriff kept hitting me. Mr. Colton seemed the safest of all three though he was probably the ring leader. The Sheriff started ranting about there being magic in the world and started walking off to go investigate. I believe he was looking for a man that they were looking for in connection with the fools gold they kept talking about. It didn’t seem like anyone knew where to find him.

As my courage returned and my natural curiosity got the better of me I followed the Lawyer and the Sheriff down the street. They seemed to be arguing . The Sheriff seemed angry and more brusque then I have ever noticed him being before. After a while the Sheriff headed off on his horse and the Lawyer looked after him rather lost. Then the Lawyer walked in the general direction of the Remington. At that I lost my nerve. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Sheriff and I was too nervous to stay near the Lawyer. Using Mr. Fu’s money as an excuse I went home and returned it to him letting him know that the Mayor would like to know what he was buying the property for. After I had told him everything, Mr. Fu asked about a white streak in my hair. I told him the truth I got scared but no matter how he asked me I couldn’t tell him why. I just couldn’t let the words come out of my mouth. How could I explain what I had just seen when I couldn’t believe it myself.

After checking on the children and comforting myself with the normal routine of my normal life I went up to my room. There I stared at myself in the mirror. Looking at what I had become. I didn’t like the white strip. I’m not vain but I didn’t like the white strip sitting there in my hair. Like a constant reminder of what I had witnessed.

May 5th 1880

Grandfather and I had a talk this morning. Instead of training he wanted to know what caused my

hair to get the white stripe. I told him haltingly about what happened. He seemed to know about the big metal disks. He didn’t want anyone messing with them because he knows they have something to do with some evil spirit. I can’t figure it. Why did we settle here?!!! He did say that The spirit has been dormant until recently. I wondered what caused it to be more active. It can’t be a good thing. Then Grandfather made a decision. He decided that hes told me enough I had to learn about the rest of the world. He also told me I should stay with the Sheriff. This was after I had told him about how the Sheriff had hit me and I denied then I gave the Sheriff any lip. I guess Grandfather wants to toughen me up. One thing sticks in my mind from this conversation. I asked my Grandfather about leaving town. Getting away to some place safe…. And Grandfather said that their wasn’t any other place for us to go. Especially not Shan Fran. Was it so horrible there. All I remember was Momma’s laughter. and my father. and of course Bolin.

He dragged me over to the jail and there I had to translate for Grandfather as he asked the Sheriff to take me on as posse. Grandfather also told me we need the sorcerer on our side. He didn’t tell me why though… and whose side is our side. Well as long as he’s not the evil sorcerer I guess its ok. The Sheriff told me that he wanted me to keep an eye on the Lawyer/Sorcerer so that if he starts doing evil magic the Sheriff can shoot him full of holes. I can’t figure out how I’m going to tell… All his magic so far has looked pretty evil.

I’m a little nervous. It seems we are all going up to Christian’s Folly to see what happened there. Somehow the Law…Sorcerer feels its connected because of his magic powers probably. Hmmmm maybe I can test him. I’m sure there are tests to tell if someone is evil…. I just can’t believe I’m headed up to Christian’s Folly with these 5 men. This can’t turn out good. Grandfather says I must protect the Sheriff. I hope hes right about him and I hope the Sheriff doesn’t beat me senseless before I have a chance to protect him.

to be continued in Lily Record 7

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