Lily Record 3

May 3rd

I have never known a day to last so long. Sigh, does the Sheriff never go to bed. I had never realized that he had to fill out so much paper work. It must be tedious. I know it was tedious for me. Twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to attack him but unfortunately for my debt our good Sheriff seems to be generally well liked. I guess there is always tomorrow. It did get interesting when Taylor showed up. I know he didn’t like my presence in the bar but he seemed peaceable enough. I noticed Bryce went over to talk to him briefly. Taylor kept his voice down so he obviously didn’t want anyone to know what they were talking about. I didn’t know that Bryce was a friend of Taylor….

The Sheriff bought me dinner after he was done with his paperwork. At first I was worried because I didn’t know how I would protect the Sheriff since I had to eat in the back but he must like me guarding him because he made it easy on me by eating in my view. After that we went in search of Bryce… I guess he went to the dance hall to be with his “Mexican filly”?. Of course going to the dance hall made guarding the Sheriff more difficult cause I’m not allowed in. I tried my best to keep an eye on him from the doors though how I could get to him without flying in time I don’t know. Grandfather hinted that I might learn to fly one day or at least be able to jump long distances.

When Bryce and the Sheriff came out they were talking about dancing then someone or a group of someones called the Ames brother(s) that the Sheriff seems to be concerned about. They sound like trouble. I should let Uncle Fu know if there’s going to be any trouble. Maybe he can find out what type of trouble it is. Sounds kind of like a gang of guys coming in. Sheriff also said he wants to give me a knife. I’m not sure of this because well I don’t like having something that deadly with me. I have my fan I think that’s enough. Plus I already owe the Sheriff enough. He seems to think that a knife would dissuade people from tormenting me. I don’t think it will. I think they know as well as I do that I can’t use it. My best bet is to run… maybe I’ll try to learn to fly tomorrow.

Finally, blessed sleep

May 4rth 1880

Grandfather woke me up at 4:00 am. He splashed cold water on me when I didn’t wake up fast enough. He didn’t let me change out of the wet clothes saying that it was good for me shivering on top of the roof of the laundry. It must have been good for I found myself able to focus much better this morning. I was even able to channel some of my chi to damage some of the junk Grandfather had brought for me to try to break. I think he was pleased. So pleased he blindfolded me and threw stuff at me trying to teach me to dodge them. I wasn’t very good at that. Flush from my success with breaking the junk I tried to fly… If Grandfathered hadn’t grabbed me well you can imagine the lecture I received. Lets just say I was late coming downstairs to help Mama with the laundry which of course made me late helping with the breakfast. I guess it just wasn’t my time to fly.

When I had a chance I told Uncle Fu much of what I had heard the previous day. He was alarmed about it of course and started making plans. I of course didn’t share anything that was private, unless Uncle Fu needed to know. I tried to respect everyone’s privacy as much as possible. Uncle Fu also told me that I was to go over to the Jade Lady Bathhouse with a pot of tea. Sigh I knew my activities yesterday would not go unpunished. I dressed in my best clothing and arrived at the bathhouse to apologize to Aunty Zheng about the Sheriff delivering her laundry. As I bowed before her offering her the tea I couldn’t help notice that beneath her stern exterior Aunty Zheng was secretly pleased that she was able to corner the Sheriff. I just hope that he actually shows up or I’m in for it.

In the afternoon, Uncle Fu said I was released from my usual duties to attend the trial. I guess my guard duty was happening early today. Though of course they won’t allow me in the courthouse. Thank goodness its a warm day. They will have the windows open. At least I’ll be able to over hear what is going on.

It is good that I can never become a lawyer, for much of what I overheard in the courtroom I didn’t understand. Their where a lot of objections and sustains and such. It was fairly confusing. What I got out of it was that the prosecution was trying to make Mr. Graves look bad and partially blame the death on him. They also slammed into the Sheriff too which was frustrating cause it wasn’t something I could protect him from. I have to admit I dozed for part of the trial but it didn’t sound like things where going well for poor Nave. I did hear Tom’s testimony. He’s awful sweet….I wish….but Mama would kill him then throttle me. I hope the Lawyer can do something to save Nave when we come back from recess. It seems wrong for her to stretch for just protecting herself against a brute like that.

To be Continued…. Lily Record 4

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