GM Journal 2

The Joys of Supplements

I love supplements, resource books and RPGs books in general. To give you an idea of my love of RPG books I will tell you this. My wife and I live in a three bedroom mobile home. We have a master bedroom, an office and of course a room to hold all of our RPG books. Slowly I’m being converted to the PDF market, especially after seeing the number of books we own. I love it when I find a sentence in a supplement that is unexplained, but sparks my imagination. I do not restrict myself to supplements of the games I am running. Even though I am running a wild west Deadlands game, I will read Science fiction RPG supplements and ask myself how I can take an idea and fit it into a western.

When designing Harmony, New Mexico I started as most Game Masters do, with the internet. I searched around for Old West towns and found a lot of information. Now my Google-fu is not the best in the world, but I can usually find what I am looking for. In this case I did find a lot of information on Old West Towns. Honestly, I found too much information. With only two weeks to plan and create this game I was worried that I would not be able to create the town in time.
As it usually does a trip to my local gaming store saved me. I started looking, as I always do, in the Savage Worlds section. Not finding anything to help me I moved around the shelves seeing what was available. That’s when I found the Aces & Eights Role-playing game. Now I have seen this game before and it had always intrigued me. I thought to myself, well it is a western game. Then I found gold!

The supplement I purchased and am using for the basis of Harmony, New Mexico is called Judas Crossing, written by Karl J. Lehman, John Singleton, Jeremy Cole & Nick Oegema. Judas Crossing is published by Kenzer and Company; designed by Berserker Labs Game Design Studio for the Aces & Eights Shattered Frontier RPG.
Aces   eights judas crossing
This supplement is amazing. While I used the town setup and a few of the NPC names, there are still a ton of npcs and plots that I did not use. If you are running a Western game I highly recommend you pick up this book and any other Aces & Eights books you find. The majority of the book contains the town information and Npcs. The remainder of the book contains town census information and a ton of plots and scenarios. It is a gold mine of information for any game.

Now this is not really meant to be a review, I just wanted to give props to the writers and producers of this great book. Using this book has allowed me to create the town of Harmony in a matter of weeks rather than months. Back in High school I had a ton of time on my hands and could spent hours or even days working on my games. Now I have too much going on and my time is limited. Supplements fill in the gaps where time does not allow me to create everything from scratch.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know about this great product. If you have limited time, check out a supplement. It doesn’t even matter if the supplement is for the game you are running. Steal what you need and then create everything else.

Until next time Pardner!

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GM Journal 2

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