Bryce Record 3

We rode over to the Double Down. The whole time Bryce is muttering about having to talk to Taylor about the offer that was recently made to Cooper. I guess someone is looking to close down the whores house and Cooper is being asked to front some money to move the Whorsehouse owner into “cleaner” work. The Double Down is a bit too noisy for my taste, but if you untie and retie off to the side it cuts down on the noise and you get a better view of the inside. On the ride home I found out that Bryce got to talk to Taylor and it turns out that Harmony is going to get bigger due to “Ghost Rock” up in them thar hills and some big ranchers from Richmond may be bringing big money into the town.

Bryce got dressed up today and we rode into town earlyish for him. As he often does he was talking to himself about his work for Cooper. I guess Cooper wants to get into business more in town to take advantage of this big rancher money that might be coming into the town. Sounds like he may want to take over the livery and expand it. I hope that he is able to get Mr James to stay on as he hopes he can. Hes got really soft hands and he smells like a really handsome horse.

So one thing that annoys me about humans is their windows are either too high or too low. Bryce tied me up at the bar so I could get some murky refreshment and then he wandered off. The bars windows were too low to see much of a much so I untied myself and wandered over to the general store, which is usually good for some people watching. They have nice big windows and there are usually a lot of people wandering around and other horses to talk to. Strangely enough it was quite quiet. There were a few folks making quick tours through the store but mostly it was empty. Lots of people were buying snacks. They was all dressed up like it was Sunday, but I am pretty sure it isn’t Sunday, we didn’t go into town with Rosa.
I wandered over to a large building I had been to before and found the troughs to be completely empty. How rude. Anyway a bunch of people went inside and then they shut the doors, also rude as I couldn’t hear anything. So I wandered around the building and I found one window up high that was open. By standing on the walk and craning my neck I could see in and hear everything.

There were LOTS of people in there. Apparently this was the Whores trial. There was a stand with a bunch of people on it and men kept asking other men and women questions. It was pretty boring until Sylas started shouting about how hes a good sheriff. He was pretty angry. Some people chuckled when Tom Cline got on the stand. Apparently hes a “hayseed” according to some of the folks sitting under my window. The judge called for a break, so I think I will wander around the town and see if I can find something to drink. Listening is thirsty work….

Bryce Record 3

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