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  • Holly Murphy

    Holly Murphy is the wife of Gilbert Murphy, the local Jeweler and landowner. Holly is a snobbish woman, born in Dallas, Texas. She runs the local woman’s club and is the defacto leader of the women in town due to her husband’s wealth. She can often be …

  • Jane Taylor

    Jane Taylor is the wife of Charles Taylor who owns and operates the Windsor Grand Hotel and the Easy Rest Boarding house. Jane is a mean and racist woman, who is hated by most of the woman in town. She is a member of the local woman’s club and loves to …

  • Casey Hillman

    Casey Hillman is the wife of John Hillman who runs Hillman’s Kegs. Casey is a nice woman who gets along with most people. Her sunny disposition is infectious. Casey is apart of the local woman’s club.

  • Gretchen Heppler

    Gretchen Heppler own the Heppler Tailors with her husband Jonathon. Gretchen is a skilled seamstress who enjoys her life’s work. She is often recruited by the local woman’s club to create costumes for their plays, but does not particularly like the women …

  • Eliza Williams

    Eliza Williams is the wife of Pastor John Williams of the First Baptist Church. She is devoted to her husband and the church. She is a member of the local woman’s club and also helps tend to the church and its grounds.

  • Abigail Cooper

    Abigail Cooper is the wife of Clayton Cooper who owns the Double C Double Bar ranch outside Harmony, New Mexico. She has been seriously ill for the last few years with a mysterious illness and is rarely seen outside the house. It has been recently …